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First Breast Exposure Modern Times

In the silent film days there was nothing to a bit of breast exposure. It was a commonplace of epic and small-scale production alike.
In modern times, after a lapse lasting a decade or two, the battle had to be fought all over again, until the breast and other anatomical

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Heaviest Human Breasts

Many men, as we all know, are fascinated by massive breasts. Magazines cater specifically for such tastes and a number of strip-tease artists try hard to capitalise on their gigantic mammary apparatus (connoisseurs will recall the fifty-odd-inch busts of Big Julie and Big Bertha in the clubs). Zola wrote of

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Most Mipples

It is estimated that breast-feeding began more than 200 million years ago, the time of the first mammals (Which laid eggs and hatched them). Subsequently no less than 18,000 different species of mammals evolved.

The kangaroo has the unique ability to produce two types of milk from two teats for young

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Smallest Human Penis

    Vast numbers of men – in one estimate the greater majority – think that they have a penis much below the average in size. Perhaps they should console themselves with the thought that many men have extremely diminutive organs. Pomeroy states that the smallest penis encountered in the Kinsey surveys

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Largest Human Penis

We all know that men are supposed to worry endlessly about penis size. In popular mythology a small organ is still thought to signal a totally inadequate lover. All the best books tell us that this idea is absurd but nonetheless the notion persists. What can we say of penis

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Most Famous Female Flagellant

There were many high-class brothels in the nineteenth century. One of the most famous of these was run by a Mrs. Theresa Berkley (or Berkeley) of 28 Charlotte Street. She was a “governess”, i.e. she specialised in chastisement, whipping, flagellation, and the like. She was even credited with the invention

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