Heaviest Human Breasts

Many men, as we all know, are fascinated by massive breasts. Magazines cater specifically for such tastes and a number of strip-tease artists try hard to capitalise on their gigantic mammary apparatus (connoisseurs will recall the fifty-odd-inch busts of Big Julie and Big Bertha in the clubs). Zola wrote of Desire who kept a bar and a dance hall (was she based on fact?) – “she seemed so vast, with a pair of breasts each one of which required a man to embrace it. Rumour had it that nowadays she had to have two of her weekday lovers each night to cope with the job.” In one recorded instance (“The Sexual Anatomy of Woman” by W. F. Benedict), a girl of fourteen had breasts weighing sixteen pounds; and in another case a woman of thirty had breasts weighing fifty-two pounds. As with the male sexual organs breasts are sometimes grossly enlarged by disease or some other unwelcome cause. For instance some women have hyper-trophied breasts, sagging vastly and of quite giant proportions. An Abyssinian woman with this condition is shown by Mantegazza in his book, “The Sexual Relations of Mankind”.

WSR Writer

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