First Breast Exposure Modern Times

In the silent film days there was nothing to a bit of breast exposure. It was a commonplace of epic and small-scale production alike.
In modern times, after a lapse lasting a decade or two, the battle had to be fought all over again, until the breast and other anatomical bits and pieces eventually won through! On 29 March 1965, a Negress in “The Pawnbroker”, also starring Rod Steiger, exposed both her breasts to the full, thereby breaking Section Seven, Sub-section Two of the Motion Picture Production Role – “Indecent or undue exposure is forbidden.”

A commentator wrote –

“For the first time in the history of the Hollywood Production Code, official recognition has been given to the good taste and artistic merit with which a subject is treated, not only to whether it hews to the current standards by which the Code is interpreted.”

A headline in “Variety” noted, more succinctly, “Film Part requires no Bra.” “The Pawnbroker” later became the official United States entry in the 1964 Berlin Film Festival.

WSR Writer

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