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Biggest Group Sex orgy Video

“500 Person Sex” (500人SEX, EC-OPEN-0604) is a sex video released by Japanese adult video production house, Soft on Demand (SOD) on 4th May 2006. It is the largest known sex orgy recorded.

It features 250 couples, described by SOD as students, who enter what looks like a large warehouse, and over

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Most Capacious Human Vagina

The human vagina, when not engaged in coitus, is often much smaller than the local penis. The vaginal tissue, happily enough, has the facility to expand to welcome the visitor and in such circumstances can quite easily double its volumetric capacity and become half as long again. It is not

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First Wife-Swapping Magazine Article

It was as late as 1957 that a magazine first decided to publish an article on wife swapping. An issue of a men’s magazine called “Mr.”, published in New York and largely concerned with “seminude photos of bosomy females,” carried a short article on this subject. In Brecher’s words –

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First Liberal Sexologist in Modern Times

Most writers on sex are liberals these days. There can be little doubt that progressive views are fashionable; they are also, some of us may believe, desirable. At the moment it is relatively easy to be liberal and progressive, a situation which we largely owe to the early progressive writers

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Largest Penis by Race

In the Dr. Jacobus survey definite penis size differences on a basis of race were detected. The largest Arab penises were found to be between eight and ten inches; but it was among the Muslim Sudanese that Jacobus found “the most developed phallus” – notably “one of the maximum dimensions,

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Longest Female Pubic Hair

Pubic hair, short and curly in most of us, sometimes grows to quite extraordinary lengths. Havelock Ellis worked as a midwife in his early days, and he notes that only in one case did long pubic hair hamper his efforts. In some remarkable cases recorded by a certain Mr. F.

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Largest Penis in Animal Kingdom

It is appropriate that large animals should have large genital organs.

The penis of the hippopotamus and elephant can be several feet in length, and uses have some times been found for such weighty organs other than simple reproduction – the pizzle, for instance, formerly used for flogging, was in fact

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Longest Human Clitoris

Clitoris size has only rarely been of importance in human society.

A few communities — Ford and Beach mention the Easter Islanders — have favoured the large clitoris and some natives have tried with varying degrees of success to enlarge this organ in their girls. For the most part however, with

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The Oldest Aphrodisiac

Some aphrodisiacs have been popular since the days of antiquity. The mandrake plant is mentioned in the Old Testament and is still in use today. Mandrake (or madragora, mandragora officinarum) is a member of the potato family with a large dark-brown root and small red fruit. It contains the alkaloids

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