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Most Sexually Active Caesar

Various Roman Caesars indulged themselves in a wide range of sexual pursuits. Nero and Caligula, for instance, were known for their orgies, sexual appetites, and “perverted” pleasures. Tiberius, perhaps, has the edge over them all. Throughout his life he indulged in all manner of sexual behaviour, and even in old

First Family Planning Clinic

The first birth control clinic in the world was opened in Holland in 1882 under the auspices of the Nieuw Malthusiaanschen Bond (the Dutch Malthusian League). The League was founded in 1881 – and was immediately opposed by the medical profession! Two doctors, however, joined the organisation in the early

Oldest Productive Man

In the average human ejaculate there are several hundred million live and mobile sperm. The older a man gets the fewer sperm he manages to manufacture. By the age of eighty or ninety most men are infertile, though they often have enjoyable sex lives. In a few relatively isolated communities

Longest Love-Making Session

It all depends what you mean by lovemaking. Does it count if you knock off for a sandwich and a drink and then start again? No agreed ground-rules have been established. Anyway one figure that will do for a starter is the fifteen hours recorded by Mae West in her

Most Frequent Male Orgasm

Frequency of orgasm has, like most other male sexual parameters, often been taken as defining sexual worth. The more orgasms the better, has been a general cry. It would not help the ego of most men to learn they can generally be beaten in this area by young boys. In

Fastest Achieved Female Orgasm

We are all led to believe that women are slower to achieve orgasm than are men. This is a more complicated picture than it seems – not least because, as some have argued, coitus itself may not be the most effective way to arouse a woman. Be this as it

Most Frequent Female Orgasms

If the feminists want evidence of female superiority to men in the sexual sphere they should look to female multi orgasmic capabilities. In a “Playboy” interview with Timothy Leary we learn of the effects of LSD on a woman’s orgasmic capacities –
Playboy: We’ve heard that some women who ordinarily

Most Famous Sexy “Double Entendre”

Elliott White Springs, in 1947, shocked the business community in the U.S. with his double entendre concerning the Springmaid name. Making use of sex appeal to sell sheets, Springs – a pioneer of quarter of a century ago- used a cartoon of an Indian couple on a sheet hammock. The

Most Famous Male Paedophile

Some older adults take sexual satisfaction in contact with children. Where such satisfaction is interpreted in general terms this is true of many parents, most of whom do not suspect that their affections are sexually based. In a more precise interpretation contact with children may be the only way in

Most Drastic Case of UIrolognia

In 1949 John George Haigh admitted that he had murdered nine people, three of them complete strangers. In each case he opened a vein with a penknife, tapped off a glassful of blood, and drank it. He also liked the idea of drinking his own urine on account of the