Most Famous Male Paedophile

Some older adults take sexual satisfaction in contact with children. Where such satisfaction is interpreted in general terms this is true of many parents, most of whom do not suspect that their affections are sexually based. In a more precise interpretation contact with children may be the only way in which some adults can experience orgasm. The following cases may fall into either of these categories. Lewis Carroll (C. L. Dodgson), the mathematical expert who created Alice, took immense pleasure (to what degree sexual?) in the company of little girls. His is perhaps the best-known example. Francis Kilvert, a clergyman who led a blameless life in the nineteenth century, wrote in his I diary – “Shall I confess that I travelled ten miles today over the hills for a kiss, to kiss that child’s sweet face? Ten miles for a kiss!” After failure to consummate his marriage, John Ruskin became infatuated with a girl of ten.

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