Most Sexually Active Caesar

Various Roman Caesars indulged themselves in a wide range of sexual pursuits. Nero and Caligula, for instance, were known for their orgies, sexual appetites, and “perverted” pleasures. Tiberius, perhaps, has the edge over them all. Throughout his life he indulged in all manner of sexual behaviour, and even in old age he contrived a private sporting house in which all forms of sexual behaviour would be performed in front of him. Young boys, whom he called his “minnows”, would move between his legs while he was swimming, to lick and tease his penis. Sometimes he even used unweaned babies to suck him – “such a filthy old man he had become!” (“The Twelve Caesars”, Suetonius). He also collected erotica – pictures, sculpture, and erotic manuals from Elephantis in Egypt. One story is that when an acolyte and his brother, the sacred trumpeter, would not submit to his pleasure he assaulted them and then had their legs broken.

WSR Writer

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