Most Frequent Female Orgasms

If the feminists want evidence of female superiority to men in the sexual sphere they should look to female multi orgasmic capabilities. In a “Playboy” interview with Timothy Leary we learn of the effects of LSD on a woman’s orgasmic capacities –
Playboy: We’ve heard that some women who ordinarily have difficulty achieving orgasm find themselves capable of multiple orgasms under LSD. Is that true?

Leary: In a carefully prepared, loving LSD session, a woman can have several hundred orgasms.

Playboy: Several hundred?

Leary: Yes. Several hundred.

That female orgasms can be reckoned in hundreds – in the most extreme cases – in a single session may seem absurd. There is a body of evidence however to suggest that such a possibility could obtain in fact, Brecher, for instance, quotes the experience of a male participant in the Sexual Freedom Movement – “I would estimate that she experienced between 100 and 200 orgasms during the 4 hour period. Her orgasms were quite obviously physiological; there was no possibility of ‘pretending’.” Pomeroy notes “one woman who was capable of from fifteen to twenty orgasms in twenty minutes”. Cauthery and Cole declare that “the world’s standing record is 100 in one hour,” though they give no reference for this remarkable accomplishment.

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