Fastest Achieved Female Orgasm

We are all led to believe that women are slower to achieve orgasm than are men. This is a more complicated picture than it seems – not least because, as some have argued, coitus itself may not be the most effective way to arouse a woman. Be this as it may it is still true that many women respond very quickly to sexual stimulation. Fisher notes that in one series of surveys the average woman seemed to require about 8 minutes to achieve orgasm – “but it should be emphasised that there was a remarkable individual variation, with some women requiring as little as 1 minute and others requiring as much as 30 minutes to reach orgasm.” If, in a relatively small research survey, women were found who could achieve orgasm in less than 1 minute it is reasonable to surmise that some would require only 40 or 50 seconds to achieve the same result. And doubtless there are some “freakish” folk requiring much less time than this; for instance, the women noted by Pomeroy who achieved orgasm 2-5 seconds after penile insertion!

WSR Writer

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