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The First Nude Calendar

In 1913, the first-known calendar nude appeared, called “September Morn”, a reproduction of an oil painting,”Matinee Septembre”, by a French artist, Paul Chabas (1869-1937). The painting might have gone unnoticed if Comstock, of the Society for the Suppression of Vice, had not demanded the removal of the painting from the

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The Oldest Woman to Become a Sex Symbol

Mae West has been portrayed as one of the very few stars who was “self-made and self-sustaining,” owing her success to herself alone, not to a director, scriptwriter, make-up artist, or photographer. What is perhaps most remarkable about her is that she first arrived at Hollywood when she was forty

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Most Coital Positions in Sex Manual

Most sex manuals, past and present, do not enumerate more than forty or fifty coital positions – and much depends upon semantics. Here again there are few ground rules. If, for example, you shift a leg a couple of inches does it count as a new position? In one nineteenth-century

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The Lowest Estimates of Failure Rates

Lowest estimates for contraceptive measures of various types are as follows (figures for pregnancies/100 woman-years of exposure):

pill 0.1

condom 7.5

diaphragm and jelly 7.2

withdrawal 12.0

safe period 14.4

foaming tablets, douching 11.9

According to one estimate, the least popular methods of contraception in Britain are the coil/IUD (used by five per cent of married couples),

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The Most Famous Female Nude Photographer

There have been a number of distinguished female photographers of the nude in the twentieth century, including Emy Andriesse of Holland, and Nell Dorr and Ruth Bernhard of the United States. Miss Bernhard’s work is the best known, having appeared regularly in magazines and books over the last three decades.

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The Longest Clitoris

The clitoris of the female whale is about 8 cm. long. Its apex is said to be “triloped” and is directed backwards. The whale clitoris, in common with the other sex organs of the largest cetaceans, are the biggest of any animal. Many other species have organs large for their

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Rape: Most Ancient Oriental Technique

Tirad el-kebsh (the ram’s attack) is the oldest known form of rape in the Orient. The Mongols were notorious for it, and there are numerous Chinese and Rajput prints showing Moghul warriors raping women and girls in this attitude. The female is thrown on her side, the assailant lifts her

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