The Most Sex Dolls Ever Owned by One Human

Sex dolls date back hundreds of years, uncovered as artifacts that were sewn-together pieces of fabric with nails and staples used to keep them connected. Described in Anthony Ferguson’s “The Sex Doll: A History” published in Stockholm during 1694, a sex doll was uncovered in a character’s chambers after he disappeared. The book eludes to the existence of sex dolls back to ancient societies when people used to have relationships with statues.

Hidden from public, people who owned these dolls had to keep it a secret – it could get them arrested, killed, or ostracized from society. Well, fast forward to present times, and sex dolls are becoming a more publicized topic, especially as major AI companies research ways in which they can create sex robots for the future. One article even makes the case for these dolls changing humanity forever, citing that these realistic, moving, and talking love dolls will be available as soon as 2022.

People are feeling more comfortable coming out and announcing their sex doll affiliation. One man in particular loves these dolls so much that he set the world record for the most sex dolls ever owned by one human.

Bob Gibbins

Located in Madley, Hereforshire in the United Kingdom, Bob Gibbins is a 68-year-old mechanic with a loving wife and two children. His life is conceivably normal; except for the fact that he is known as the “Hugh Hefner of the Love Doll World.” He and his wife own 240 silicone and inflatable sex dolls that total to more than $160,000.

Previously held by a man in Japan who owned 100 love dolls, these two have set the record for nearly the last decade as they continue to add more and more love dolls to their growing collection. Bob has even taken the time to adapt one of the dolls so he can ballroom dance with her from time to time.

Bob loves to pose the dolls for photo shoots, afternoon tea, and drives around the countryside, as he claims he never uses the dolls in sexual manners. Although many of them are sporting saucy outfits that might lead you to believe otherwise, his wife Lizzy confirms the dolls are mere companions that brighten up their dark and lonely days.

Lizzy went onto say she doesn’t mind that Bob has this obsession, but rather, she enjoys shopping with Bob to find them new clothes and accessories that will make him happier. They spend hours together every day figuring out how they can make a better life for them and their growing doll family. Constantly changing the dolls and repositioning them almost daily, the sex dolls have brought the couple closer together than ever before, demonstrating that these types of toys can have a profoundly positive effect on our world.

Will anyone ever top this sex doll collection, as newer models are released today, we are sure there are some contenders in the works right now.

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