First U.K. Male Pin-Up

Paul de Feu, reclining in a suitably modest position, was photographed nude for a full-colour, double-page spread in “Cosmopolitan” (London), April 1972. It was of some interest that Mr. de Feu, aged 36, was married to, but separated from, Germaine Greer, the keen champion of Women’s Lib. A construction worker and college graduate, Mr. de Feu described his posing as “striking a blow for male servitude.” He was quoted in “Time” (14/2/72) as saying “I’m a guy who likes birds. Normally I’d spend a lot of time, chat, and money taking a girl out in the hopes of getting somewhere with her. This way- being a pin-up – I’ve got to the clothes-off stage with thousands of birds straightaway.” During the same month “Cosmopolitan” (New York) printed a centrefold nude photograph of the American actor Burt Reynolds.

WSR Writer

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