First Erotic Periodical in U.K.

This emerged in 1773, under the title “The Covent Garden Magazine,” Amorous Repository, Calculated Solely for the Entertainment of the Polite World. In the words of Hurwood, “This, inauspicious as it may have seemed at the time, the great granddaddy of a multi-million dollar business was born.” Ten years later London acquired a new publication – “The Rambler’s Magazine”: Or, The Annals of Gallantry, Glee, Pleasure, and the Bon Ton; Calculated for the entertainment of the Polite World; and to furnish the Man of Pleasure with a most delicious banquet of Amorous, Bacchanalian, Whimsical, Humorous Theatrical, and Polite Entertainment. As a principal item readers were offered the histories of ladies “whom the attracing charms of gold can conquer,” and typical story titles were The History and Adventure of a Bedstead, The Adventures of a Eunuch, Memoirs of Lydia Lovemore, and the Adventures of Kitty Pry. Open the letter.

WSR Writer

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