The Most Frequent Sexual Activity

We have already noted the most frequent orgasms for men and women. Obviously orgasmic frequency is related to coitus but only partly: there are other ways in which a person can come to climax. Kinsey found that some married couples were having sexual intercourse as many as twenty-nine times a week, i.e. couples in the 21-25 year age group. By the age of fifty, “maximum frequency” had dropped to around 14 times a week. And it has also been noted that in some exceptional cases, from the youngest lovers to those around forty years of age – “there were some individuals who were having coitus in their marriages on an average of four times a day, every day in the week. By the age of fifty-five no couples in the Kinsey sample were having coitus more frequently than seven or eight times a week. During one family planning trial in Britain one woman logged on her specially provided record that she had intercourse ninety-one times in one month – “a figure considered so extraordinary that it was left out of the final calculation in case it ruined the figures for average frequency of copulation (about once every fourth day)”. In their extensive cross-cultural study, Ford and Beach noted that Thonga males copulate with 3 or 4 wives in a single night; and Chegga men are supposed to have intercourse as many as ten times a night. But does orgasm occur in each copulation – “the data unfortunately permit no definitive statements.”

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