Most famous Fellatrice in Ancient Egypt

A fellatrice is a woman – often a prostitute – who specialises in the art of fellatio, i.e. exciting the male genitals by means of mouth, lips, and tongue.
Cleopatra of Egypt has been represented as the “most famous free-love fellatrice of the ancient world.” Cleo is said (I do not know how reliable the authority) to have performed fellatio on a thousand men. Perhaps this is why the Greeks chose to call her Merichane (Gaper) – “she who gapes wide for ten thousand men- the wide-mouthed one; the ten-thousand mouthed woman.”

Cleopatra was also known as Cheilon (Thick-Lipped). It was said that she fellated a hundred Roman noblemen in one night. (A. Edwarde & R. E. L. Masters).

WSR Writer

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