Evolution of the Sex Doll: What We Know

Sex dolls have come a long way since they were first detected hundreds of years ago, sewn together with nails and leather. The modern day sex doll is a reflection of the evolution of technology in our world, creating dolls that are so life-like, movies and TV shows have depicted the kind of danger that can come from robotically programmed sex humans.

But, before we reflect on the sex doll of today, let’s look at where this kind of inanimate affection began.

Stockholm Bound in 1694

In Anthony Ferguson’s “The Sex Doll: A History,” the author looks at a tale from French philosopher Rene Descartes when he was invited by Queen Christina of Sweden to be her private tutor. In 1694, he boarded a boat that was headed to Stockholm under the company of a woman, Francine, whom he told everyone was his daughter. After she disappeared a few days into the voyage, sailors stormed Descartes room to check of her whereabouts.

Inside, they found a life-sized female doll made of leather and metal. They said the resemblance of a real girl “was so perfect” that they threw it overboard.

Now, of course there were sex dolls before 1694. Mythological scriptures and ancient mythic texts, like Ovid’s Metamorphoses (8 AD), describes a relationship between man and a statue of a woman he made to his liking. Similar accounts have been detected in ancient Roman and Chinese literature as well, dating back thousands of years.

The Sex Doll Today

Believe it or not, the creators of the modern day sex dolls were the Nazis. The world’s first sex doll was created in Nazi Germany under the request of SS leader, Heinrich Himmler. Called the “Borghild Field-Hygiene Project,” the officer wanted to help Nazi soldiers find a way to relieve themselves without dying of STDs (STDs were wiping out the ranks). Arthur Rink created three different dolls upon request, with full bust, waist, and borrowed faces from popular actresses at the time.

By 1975, sex dolls were becoming a more “normal” topic, depicted in the Stepford Wives premiere where all men had the perfect “sex doll” type wife.

During the 80s, nations like Great Britain encountered setbacks trying to import sex dolls following their increasing popularity. With the country up in arms about this new kind of sexual intimacy, a joking slogan “The British are Cumming! The British are Cumming!” graced magazine covers.

In 1995, Muttonbone Productions, Inc. created a life sized inflatable sheep called the Love Ewe. The next year, the first realistic sex doll was created, named Leah.

In 2006, Japanese company, DutchWives, began renting out high quality silicone sex dolls. These types of silicone dolls spread worldwide, with the first male sex doll created a few years later.

Moving, Talking Sex Dolls

Which brings us up to today, where sex doll culture has become less taboo and more accepted in many countries around the world. Combining elements of silicone for a softer feel, mixed with artificial intelligence, sex dolls are beginning to “move.” They aren’t just static sex toys anymore. Yes, these sex robots will even talk to you and form relationships with you.

As history would have it, these dolls are only going to evolve into more realistic beings in the future. Are you excited?





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