Longest pubic hair


The longest pubic hair reached below the knee

The longest pubic hair, is recorded to have reached below the knee of woman. British physician and human sexuality researcher Havelock Ellis (1859–1939) wrote:

The pubic hair of women is usually shorter than that of men, [..] In a series of 100 women attended during confinement in London and the north of England I have only once (in a rather blonde Lancashire woman) found the hair on labia reaching a conspicuous length of several inches and forming an obstruction to the manipulations involved in delivery.

But Jahn delivered a woman whose pubic hair was longer than that of her head, reaching below her knee; Paulini also knew a woman whose pubic hair nearly reached her knees and was sold to make wigs; Bartholin mentions a soldier's wife who plaited her pubic hair behind her back; while Brantôme has several references to abnormally long hair in ladies of the French court during the sixteenth century. In 8 cases out of 2200 Bergh found the pubic hair forming a large curly wig extending to the iliac spines. The individual hairs have occasionally been found so stiff and brush-like as to render coitus difficult.

Hair stylist Roberta Muccinelli produced a viral campaign for the razer manufacturer Remington, featuring models with very long merkins (pubic hair wigs).

Remington 'Stefane Monzon' from The Viral Factory on Vimeo.



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