First censored literature


Sodom (1684): First censored book

Sodom, or the Quintessence of Debaucher (publ. 1684), attributed to John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-1680), was the first piece of literature to be censored by the government on the grounds of obscenity and pornography. The cast of characters includes:

  • BOLLOXIMIAN, King of Sodom
  • CUNTIGRATIA, His Queen
  • PRICKETT, Young Prince
  • SWIVIA, Princess
  • BUGGERANTHUS, General of the Army
  • POCKENELLO, Pimp, catamite and the King's Favourite
  • BORASTUS, Buggermaster-general
  • PENE & TOOLY, Pimps of Honour
  • LADY OFFICINA, She-pimp of Honour
  • FUCKADILLA, Maid of Honour
  • CUNTICULA, Maid of Honour
  • CLITORIS, Maid of Honour
  • FLUX, Physician-in-ordinary to the King
  • VIRTUOSO, Dildo and Merkin maker to the Court


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