Oldest porn star

The oldest porn star in the world, is thought to be 79-year-old Japanese Shigeo Tokuda (his film name). Known as the "king of elderly porn", he didn't start his porn career until he was aged 59. Although he is married with two grown-up children, he claims his family do not know about his secret job.

Oldest nudist colony

The Oldest Nudist Colony in the world is thought to have been the The Fellowship of the Naked Trust, founded by a judge and member of the British Raj, Charles Edward Gordon Crawford in 1891 in Matheran near Tulsi Lake the Indian state of Maharashtra. It consisted of just three members, Crawford, and two sons of a local missionary. The club's motto was Vincat Natura (Let Nature Win)."

Oldest calendar girl

The world's oldest nude calendar girl is thought to be 89-year-old Christiane Luckardt who appeared as Miss September in a 2010 charity calendar raising funds for children’s groups in Germany.

Oldest Pirelli calendar model

Italian actress Sophia Loren became the oldest person at age 71 to model for the racy 2007 Pirelli Calendar.

Oldest twin prostitutes

Recognised as Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes, identical twins Louise and Martine Fokkens retired in 2013 at age 70, after claiming to have slept with 355,000 men between them over 50 years. A film of their lives, Meet the Fokkens, was released in 2011.

The World's Oldest Profession

Prostitution is often referred to by the metaphore "the world's oldest profession", a phrase attributed to writer Rudyard Kipling, who wrote in his book Soldiers Three (1888), that prostitution is "the most ancient profession in the world". It is also the earliest reference to prostitution as a profession.

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