First all-naked commercial flight

90 nude passengers flew Naked Air Flight #600, a chartered Boeing 737, from Miami, Florida to Cancun, Mexico, on Saturday 3 May 2003. The event was organised by Castaways Travel of Houston, Texas. Following FAA flight regulations, the crew remained clothed throughout the flight, the passengers disrobing after "take off".

First sporting streaker

The world's first streaker at a major sporting event, occured on Saturday 20 April 1974 when the then 25-year-old Australian Michael O’Brien, ran naked onto the pitch at half time, during an international rugby match between England and France. Although he won his £10 ($17) bet, O’Brien was arrrested and fined £10.

Earliest streaker

The first streaker recorded in modern times, is attributed to a man who after accepting a wager of ten guineas (£10.50 or $17 then, but worth £850 or $1400 today) ran naked from Cornhill to Cheapside in the City of London, on the evening of Friday 5 July 1799, and was subsequently arrested at Mansion House (the official residence of the Mayor of London) and thrown in Poultry Compter prison.

First primetime TV lesbian kiss

The first lesbian kiss on the USA during primetime television, was performed on February 7, 1991 by actresses Michele Greene and Amanda Donohoe, portraying the characters Abby Perkins and C. J. Lamb, in the episode of L.A. Law "He's a Crowd" .

The American Family Association called for advertiser to boycott the programme, and viewers to complain. Broadcaster NBC received only 85 phone calls on the night of the broadcast, half in support.

Earliest recorded copulating insects

The earliest record of copulating insect is a 165 million year old fossil of a pair of copulating froghoppers (Anthoscytina perpetua), found by Chungkun Shih, of Beijing's Capital Normal University. Although most modern-day insects mate doggy style, or male on top, the fossil shows the two insects mating face to face, missionary style.

Earliest decriminalisation of gay sex

In 1789, 126 countries considered same-sex relationships illegal, until France became the first country to decriminalisation it in 1791, followed two years later by Monaco, and two years after that byBelgium and Luxembourg. Britain didn't change the law until 1982, and America in 2003.

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