Longest Penis: straight versus gay

Data obtained by the Kinsey Report between 1938-1963 found that gay men reported their penis size as about a third of inch longer than that reported by straight men. This may suggest that gay men exagerate more, but also that hormones could be a contributing factor towards penis length and sexuality.

Biggest testicles (insect)

The animal which has the biggest testicles in relation to its body weight is the katydids bushcricket, specifically the species Platycleis affinis, that accounts for up to 14% of its body weight. Discovered by ecologist Karim Vahed from the University of Derby, and his team, they report:

Biggest penis (animal)

The biggest penis of any animal, is that of the blue whale, with an average length of about 8 feet (2.4 m), and diameter of about 12-14inches (300-360 mm).

It's testicles weigh about 150-lbs (70Kg) each, leading to an estimate that its ejaculate is around 35 pints (20 litres).

Biggest marine sex show

The annual spawning of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been called "The Greatest Sex Show on Earth".

Biggest condom

The world's biggest condom was created by the Guilin Latex Company in 2003, to mark the United Nations World Population Day. Printed with the message of "Control population growth, pay attention to sexual health, prevent AIDS, it was 80 meters high (262 feet) with a circumference of 100m (328), and colour bright yellow.

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