Biggest group sex orgy movie

"500 Person Sex" (500 SEX, EC-OPEN-0604) is a sex video released by Japanese adult video production house, Soft on Demand (SOD) on 4th May 2006. It is the largest known sex orgy recorded.

It features 250 couples, described by SOD as students, who enter what looks like a large warehouse, and over the course of two hours, engage in a variety of foreplay, mutual masturbation, and intercourse. All sexual acts are performed in near synchronization with all the other couples.

Biggest sperm bank

The world's biggest sperm bank is Cryos International, founded in 1987 and based in Aarhus, Denmark. It holds 170 litres of sperm, exports to more than 70 countries, and is responsible for nearly 2,000 pregnancies a year.

Biggest penis (origami)

Author and expert paper folder, Nick Robinson claims to have erected the world's biggest origami penis, standing at 10-feet 7-inches.

He made the monster member to promote his new book Adult Origami, which is perhaps inspired by erotic origami Master Sugoi, author of Pornogami: a guide to the ancient art of paper-folding for adults.



Biggest penis (fiction)

In his book, The New Male Sexuality, Bernie Zilbergeld wrote:

"Penises in fantasyland come in only three size: large, extra large, and so big you can't get them through the door. "Massive, "huge" and "enormous" are commonly mentioned in fiction". -- (Polonsky 1995)


Sexiest weddings

The wedding ritual has been accompanied, from one society to another, by a wide range of coital activities.

In various countries feudal lords were apparently entitled to deflower the young bride before releasing her to her husband. This "right of the first night" (jus primae noctis), known also in France as jus cunni and in England as marchette, appears to have been established on the historical evidence. Monks sometimes held the right: thus the monks of St. Thiodard enjoyed this right over the inhabitants of Mount Auriol.

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