Biggest testicles (insect)

The animal which has the biggest testicles in relation to its body weight is the katydids bushcricket, specifically the species Platycleis affinis, that accounts for up to 14% of its body weight. Discovered by ecologist Karim Vahed from the University of Derby, and his team, they report:

Biggest marine sex show

The annual spawning of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been called "The Greatest Sex Show on Earth".

Longest sperm in nature

The longest sperm in the animal kingdom, does not belong to the longest or biggest animal, but to a tiny fruit fly with the Latin name Drosophila bifurca. Each uncoiled sperm is up to 2-inches (5cm) long, around 1000 times longer than a human sperm, and 20 times longer than its own body.


Biggest penis (bird)

Many birds do not have penises, and mate by touching genital openings -- called a "cloacal kiss". But some species of duck and ostriches do have a penis.

The longest bird penis discovered belongs to the Argentine lake duck (Oxyura vittata), measured at around 42.5cm, an astonishing dimension matches the length of an adult male, and compares to the length of an ostrich penis. If the Argentine lake duck were human, we could boast 5 - 6-foot penises!

Biggest penis (apes and primates)

It is not the mighty gorilla as might be imagined, but mankind who has the largest average penis size of all the apes and primates. English zoologist and author Desmond Morris notes:

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